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sabato, 29. ottobre 2016, 08:05

Autore: Catullo

Il nuovo Country Manager si presenta!

Ciao! Spero davvero che tu possa assistermi nell'affitto e suggerirmi come gestire un server di LiF:YO. Grazie dell'attenzione! Stefano a.k.a. Catullo

sabato, 29. ottobre 2016, 08:02

Autore: Catullo

Life is Feudal:YO - info and request

Hello Everybody, I would love to rent a server for LiF:YO and I will do it very soon but would like to have some additional info: - Is there any possibility that I can use your game admin panel to insert some useful (and necessary) scripts like: - Welcome message on general chat - Timed message of warning (like "Please remove stumps to avoid lag!" or "Please put your monument claim at minimum 155 tiles from other claims" - Teleport to small island - Low quality tree removal for faster servers - ...